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Get access to everything you need here.  If you need to speak to a member of the support team then call 0845 838 22 48 or email support@concept-its.co.uk 


Our customer portal gives you access to our systems.  Here you can search and find issues, faults and requests, place new requests for work, ask for a quote and check on the progress of your projects.  Copy invoices, health check reports and much more are also available.


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If you don't have access to our customer portal, simply enter your email address and the Asset ID number of the equipment you're using and you're able to report an issue or check on the progress of current requests.  You'll find your blue and orange sticker attached to the top of your PC or underneath your laptop. 


Your emergency inbox kicks into action in the event of a problem with your internet or email service.  Here you can check your incoming mail, respond to it and send out new mail without your customers even knowing there's been a problem,  Once the problem is resolved, all of your messages will be delivered as usual.

Connect to a

Connect to a technician here: (only if we ask you to use this - nearly all of the thousands of machines we manage run our Remote Monitoring and Management software so this isn't usually needed.)

0808 178 22 48